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Volunteer Charity Work in Nepal

Real estate isn’t the only thing I am passionate about. For years, I have been deeply involved with the kids and people of Nepal. The children in Nepal are currently receiving sub-standard education and need support. With untrained teachers and dilapidated classrooms, they are not getting the attention and care they deserve. I am proud to work with First Steps Himalaya to help provide better quality education for the children of Nepal. Learn more about what they do below and find out how you could get involved.

My Work with First Steps Himalaya

First Steps Himalaya is a registered NZ Charity that has been supporting the children of Nepal since 2015. The organisation is run by Durga and Fiona out of Nelson, and they are amazing people who put their heart and soul into everything they do. Their goal is to improve the quality of education across all villages in Nepal by providing quality teacher training, well-resourced classrooms, and happy learning environments. In partnership with Court Construction, they are currently working on almost 100 village classrooms across Rural Nepal.

I first travelled to Nepal in 2017 alongside Court Construction. Before we left, we raised money for building materials through various fundraisers, and then travelled to Sangachohc where we finished off the school that the crew first started in 2015. It was an amazing and rewarding experience that I will never forget. I got another opportunity to visit Nepal in 2019. This time, we visited Newacot and finished another classroom, by putting the roof on and painted it inside and out. We got to meet and spend time with the children we were helping – which was a wonderful experience.

First Steps Himalaya is only just getting started in their quest to build quality classrooms across Nepal. They plan to expand even further, and I am looking forward to being part of this journey. Our 2021 trip was cancelled – but hopefully we can get back there in 2022!

Charity Work with First Steps Himalaya in Nepal

Want to Get Involved? Donate Now!

It’s really important that we all continue to support the children of Nepal to break the cycle of poverty. And there are ways for you to help! With just a small donation, you could make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable children. A $20 donation could pay for a whole set of learning resources. A larger donation of $200 could fund the initial training for a teacher.  Donate now – and remember – every bit counts! 100% of donations go directly to supporting the children of Nepal – and your donation is tax-deductible.